Kernel Gifting is an app that lets you save and donate to your favorite charities!

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How It Works

Sign up with Kernel Gifting and link your debit card or bank account. Each time you use this card for purchase, Kernel Gifting will round up the bill to the nearest dollar (or 5 cents) and donate that amount to a charity of your choice.

Kernel Gifting lets you choose the amount of money to donate and even lets you set a recurring monthly donation. You can also select which charities are given your funds or just let Kernel Gifting give out the money randomly between the charities you have selected. The option is yours!

The best part is... there is no limit to how much you can donate!

As a thank you for signing up, Kernel Gifting will give you $5 in donation funds. This credit will come as soon as your first round-up transaction occurs.

Signing up with Kernel Gifting is free! No monthly fees and no minimum donations are required

If one wants to make a larger donation than just their round up change it is possible. Change your donations to add a specific dollar amount or percentage.

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